Inventory Management
on the edge

Auto-stocktake without manual calculation.
No EPOS required.

Meet the modern standard
for inventory control.

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Integrate with your existing tools and services. Upgrade without breaking changes.

Market Man is integrated with Project Waitless solution
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Planday is integrated with Project Waitless solution

Unlike any tool you've used before

Designed for hospitality venues with unforgiving precision, we combines everything possibly can to allow inventory control, with granularity.

Built for hospitality

Fly through your stock take. Monitor everything on both desktop and mobile, like playing a game.

Optimised for control

Edge computing. Cloud. Internet-of-things. Sensor fusion. Artificial intelligence.

Tailored for different scenarios

Beer keg. Dry storage. Fridge. Freezer. Wine cellar. Tilted shelf. We got it covered.

Meet the new standard for inventory control

No more false emails for low stock alert. The REAL real-time.

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